Each section below includes downloadable resources and guides to help you apply the Carolina brand.

Branding and Identity Guidelines
.pdf 7 MB
Logos, Colors and Typography Reference Guide
.pdf 756 KB
Additional Brand Elements Reference Guide
.pdf 8 MB
University Logo Package (Primary and Secondary)
.zip 7 MB
Color Files
.zip 1 MB
Shapes and Patterns
.zip 64 MB
.zip 77.5 MB
Callout Text Boxes
.zip 19 MB
Background Photo Treatments
.zip 2 MB

PowerPoint Template Set
.pptx 48 MB
Email Signature
.docx 62 KB
Event Sign Template
.docx 28 KB
Meeting Agenda and Minutes Templates
.docx 148 KB
Desktop Wallpaper Set
.jpeg 58 MB
Phone Wallpaper Set
.jpeg 17 MB
Zoom Background Set
.jpeg 27 MB
Video Slates
.jpg and .mov 611 KB

Facebook Profile Image Set
.jpg 292 KB
Twitter Profile Icon Set
.jpg 93 KB
LinkedIn Profile Picture Set
.jpg 2 MB
Social Media Icon Set
.jpg 27 KB
Best Practices Guide
.pdf 68 KB

Essential Foundations for a Great Photo
.pdf 566 KB
Printable Consent Forms
.zip 212 KB
Electronic Consent Form

NOTE: PDF password is “UNC”

.pdf 117 KB

Essential Foundations for a Great Video
.pdf 579 KB
Printable Consent Forms
.zip 217 KB
Electronic Consent Form

NOTE: PDF password is “UNC”

.pdf 117 KB
Video Slates
.jpg and .mov 611 KB
Lower Third Graphic – One Line
.mogrt 58 KB
Lower Third Graphic – Two Lines
.mogrt 50 KB
Lower Third Graphic – Three Lines
.mogrt 42 KB

NOTE: Helpful resources for importing and working with .mogrt files in Adobe Premiere Pro can be found on adobe.com and YouTube.

University Style Terms
.pdf 70 KB

Heelium Hero Images
.jpg 1 MB
.png 3 KB
Producing Great Photos and Videos from Anywhere
.pdf 182 KB
High Quality Artwork from Limited Resources
.pdf 67 KB
Interviewing and Storytelling
.pdf 66 KB
.pdf 161 KB
Content Planning
.pdf 68 KB