The official University typefaces are Bembo Std, Whitney and ITC Franklin Gothic LT Pro.

Bembo Std and Whitney are licensed and must be purchased. In the event that a unit does not have access to these fonts or does not want to invest in a license, there are recommended substitute typefaces listed below that can be installed at no cost.

ITC Franklin Gothic LT Pro is available to use for free with an Adobe Creative Cloud license.

The University typefaces are suggested for use on University print projects, and the substitute typefaces are suggested for digital and web projects.


Official University Fonts

Bembo Std


ITC Franklin Gothic LT Pro

ITC Franklin Gothic LT Pro should only be used in all caps and with short amounts of copy or headlines.

Links to Purchase:

Recommended University Web Fonts

Although Bembo Std is available as a web font, Libre Baskerville is preferable because of its on-screen clarity and readability. Whitney is also available as a web font and is recommended for online use. An acceptable substitute for Whitney is Open Sans. ITC Franklin Gothic LT Pro is an approved web font and there is no substitute.

  • Libre Baskerville
  • Open Sans




Links to Purchase:



For more information about the University’s typography, contact University Communications.