Shapes and patterns may be used to create continuity throughout your materials and increase brand recognition.

Drawing inspiration from the Old Well and Athletics Argyle, a number of shapes and patterns have been designed and added to the University identity system as optional elements.




Dome Shape


Diamond Shape


Diamond Lockup




Dome Pattern


Diamond Pattern


Combination Pattern


Guidelines for Usage


  • Use .eps files for print and .png files for web.
  • Alter the colors of the shapes and patterns to any brand color when necessary. However, shapes and patterns should be used predominantly in the colors provided and large floods of secondary colors should be avoided.
  • Alter the transparency of the shapes and patterns to use them in a subtle way.
  • Crop or zoom into the shapes and patterns proportionally when necessary.
  • Consider accessibility when using as a layer on the web.


  • Edit the layout of the patterns.
  • Use the shapes to create custom logos.
  • Overlay the shapes and patterns on top of a clashing background.
  • Use behind body copy.
  • Tilt or rotate the shapes and patterns.