There are a number of logo marks associated with the University in addition to the official University logo and the unit and department logos. Each of these marks has specific usage criteria and guidelines. In general, they should not be considered for primary use.

Download a full list of University registered and trademarked logos.


University Seal

The University seal should not be substituted for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill logo. There are three authorized versions of the seal, and University departments, as described below, may use only one of these: the Latin University seal.

The two English versions of the University seal may be used only on licensed merchandise as described by the Office of Trademarks and Licensing.

  • Corporate seal: The embossed version of the seal, either in a document itself or in gold foil that is affixed to a document, must be authorized by the Office of the Chancellor.
  • Diplomas and graduation materials: The multi-color version of the University seal may be used on diplomas approved by the University Registrar and on graduation announcements available through Student Stores. UNC Creative may also authorize use of the University seal on other materials related to the granting of degrees.
  • Transcripts: Official transcripts for work performed at the University are embossed with the University seal, under the authority of the University Registrar.
  • University accomplishments: The University seal may be used on documents and in other media that indicate accomplishment in or on behalf of the University. In such cases, the seal must be printed in black ink or in the color in which the rest of the document is printed.
  • University Libraries bookplates: The University seal may be used as a mark of ownership on selected University-owned books.

The seal must be reproduced from high-resolution digital artwork. Contact UNC Creative to obtain artwork for use on an approved document.

Athletics Logos

The three primary Athletics logos are the Tar Heel foot, the interlocking NC and the ram. University schools, centers, institutes, departments and administrative units should utilize the University’s Old Well logo, or their respective unit or department logo, as the primary mark in any marketing or communications piece. To use Athletics trademarks on media such as mugs or t-shirts, consult the Office of Trademarks and Licensing for clearance before proceeding. This office can also provide information and instructions regarding the purchase of such materials for internal use or resale.


UNC Health and UNC Medical Center Logos

UNC Health is an academic health system proudly affiliated with UNC School of Medicine and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. UNC Medical Center, also known as UNC Hospitals is the 950+ bed hospital located in Chapel Hill, NC. UNC Health maintains its brand assets, including the master brand, all owned and affiliate hospital logos and other various logos and marks throughout the health care landscape. Detailed guidelines can be accessed at brand.unchealth.org.

UNC Health Logo


Custom Logos

The following groups and initiatives are outside the University logo system and do not have a standardized unit logo or department logo: events, studies, campus-wide initiatives, revenue generators, groups funded outside of the University, entities associated with University Ombuds, alumni groups and student groups. These groups and initiatives may create their own unique logo, which can be paired with the main University logo, or a unit or department logo, when appropriate. Custom logos cannot use elements from other trademarked logos. For more information on qualifying for a custom logo or for help designing a logo, or to seek approval for a custom logo that has already been created, contact UNC Creative.


Official Marks vs. Artistic Representation

A custom logo or design that includes an element from a trademarked icon (e.g., the Old Well icon) must use an artistic representation instead of the official icon. Artistic representations must be distinctly different from the University icons. The design of artistic representations should not start by using or closely mirroring the official University marks. To learn more about when an artistic representation is required or to request design approval, contact UNC Creative.

The Campaign for Carolina

On Oct. 6, 2017, Carolina launched its most ambitious fundraising campaign ever — For All Kind: the Campaign for Carolina — to foster an innovation generation prepared to lead the world to a better future. With a goal of $4.25 billion by Dec. 31, 2022, the Campaign for Carolina is inspired by The Blueprint for Next, the University’s overall strategic plan guiding its growth and direction. Two core strategies — “Of the Public, for the Public” and “Innovation Made Fundamental” — uphold The Blueprint for Next and combine Carolina’s history of service to the state and its people with a willingness to evolve.

A visual identity including logos, typefaces, textures and other graphical elements has been designed to support materials related to the Campaign for Carolina. The full toolkit and style guidelines are available for use by the University community.

The Campaign for Carolina logo in white and navy blue on a Carolina Blue background


Carolina Together

As the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill prepares for the upcoming fall semester, the Carolina Together website was launched in May to provide guidance from the Roadmap to Fall 2020 for returning to campus. It is called Carolina Together since we must all work together in order to have a safe and successful semester for our community. A custom logo and style guide were developed, as well as signage and other brand templates. All assets are available for use by the University community and can be downloaded from the Downloads page on this website.

Carolina Together logo in navy and Carolina Blue.

Below are other University resources for help and guidance in the following areas:

Wayfinding – UNC Environment, Health and Safety can help with site assessments and mapping out signage locations.

Please contact Cathy Brennan, Executive Director of Environment, Health and Safety, at crbrennan@ehs.unc.edu.

Printing Posters, Wall Signage and Floor Stickers – UNC Print Stop and Copy Center can help with printing informational posters, directional signage, health and safety signage and signage for common areas.

Please contact UNC Print Stop and Copy Center customer service at printstop@store.unc.edu or place an order on their website at printstop.unc.edu.

Signage Installation – UNC Facilities Operations will order and install signage in common areas around campus, such as entry doors, inside and outside restrooms, break areas, conference rooms and elevators. Please note: Signage within office suites, directional signage and occupancy limits in classrooms will be led by units or building managers, with support from UNC Facilities Planning and Design.

Please contact Darius Dixon, Executive Director of Facilities Operations, at Darius.Dixon@fac.unc.edu and Evan Yassky, Executive Director of Facilities Planning and Design, at Evan.Yassky@fac.unc.edu.

Custom Design – UNC Creative can help with designing any custom signage or other materials related to Carolina Together.

Please contact Robby Poore, Manager of UNC Creative, at biovarg@unc.edu.


For more information about other University marks, contact University Communications.