Using brand elements correctly and consistently helps to increase brand recognition for both the University as well as individual units on campus. While the brand is flexible and allows for various styles and tones, it is important to always create designs that are distinctly “Carolina.”

The examples below illustrate how the core and optional University brand elements can be used together to achieve a variety of visual tones and styles across many different types of materials. When using the new expanded visual identity, please send your initial designs to creative@unc.edu for review by the UNC Creative team.

Print Examples

(Starting top left) Calendar; Report; Invitation; Report; Postcard; T-shirt; Bag; Booklet

Mockups of designs that show UNC'x brand elements in use. This includes a desk calendar, annual report cover, postcard, brochure cover, shopping bag, tshirt, annual report interior page and invitation.

Digital Examples

(Starting top left) Website; Email Header; Instagram Graphic; Instagram Graphic; Mobile Website; Website Hero Image; Website Feature; Digital Display; Online Advertisement

Mockups of designs that show UNC's brand elements. This includes a desktop web page, email header, wide digital ad, quote graphic, square digital ad, digital display, mobile web page and social media graphics.

Environmental Examples

(Starting left) Street Banner; Building Banners;

Examples of designs that show UNC brand elements. It includes a light pole banner and three building banners..