The Carolina Brand

The nation’s first public university is at the heart of what’s next, as we prepare a diverse student body to become creators, explorers, innovators and leaders in North Carolina and throughout the world.

The legacy that began in 1795, when the University first opened its doors to students, continues today with Carolina’s nationally recognized, innovative teaching; campuswide spirit of inquiry; and dedication to public service.

Our brand reflects this spirit and upholds our longstanding reputation of excellence. It includes such elements as the Old Well and Carolina Blue, as well as how people think, feel and respond when the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is referenced. We tell these brand stories through words and visuals, including powerful stories and engaging multimedia experiences. Together as creators and storytellers—and as faculty, staff, students, alumni and community members—we use these tools to strengthen the Carolina brand as we share our story with the world.


Brand Identity Elements

The elements below are used to create the core and expanded visual identity of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Click on the link for each brand identity element to learn more about proper usage and application to ensure the brand is applied consistently across all University materials.

University Logo

How to use the official Old Well logo for the University

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Unit and Department Logos

How to qualify for and properly use unit logos and department logos

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How to acquire and use the official University typefaces and acceptable substitutes

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Color Palette

How to use the primary and secondary palettes in print and on the web

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Other Marks

When and how to use other University marks, including the seal, Tar Heel and interlocking NC

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Shapes and Patterns

How to use the shapes and patterns that are included as part of the expanded University identity

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How to apply the textures from the expanded University identity to designs

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Other Elements

How to use photo frames, callout boxes and other elements that make up the expanded University identity

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Brand Examples

Samples of how the University brand elements can be used together to create designs that are distinctly “Carolina”

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