The University redesigned and restructured its unit logo system and it began rolling out in January 2018.

University units, including approved schools, centers, institutes, foundations, vice chancellor units, vice provost units and direct reports to the chancellor or provost, may receive a unit logo. Any group within a University unit, including departments, offices, divisions and programs, may receive a department logo, if approved by their respective dean, vice chancellor or vice provost. These unit and department logos will replace the main University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill logo on printed and online materials – both logos do not need to be used.


Unit Logo Examples
Unit logo examples

All units and departments have access to horizontal and vertical versions of their respective logos. This will provide flexibility and will also better represent the University in print and online materials. All logos will adhere to a specific naming convention that eliminations extraneous words, such as “The,” “Department of” and “Office of.” Example: the logo for “Office of University Communications” will become “University Communications.” All words must be spelled out completely and not abbreviated for consistency across the University. Non-alphanumeric characters, such as ampersands (&) and at symbols (@), may not be used.

When using a unit logo or a department logo, the University’s full name, “The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,” must appear elsewhere on the publication.


Department Logo ExamplesDepartment logo examples

Events, studies, campus-wide initiatives, revenue makers, groups funded outside of the University and student groups are outside of this system and do not have a unit logo or department logo. These groups may create their own unique logo, which can be paired with the main UNC logo or a unit logo when appropriate.

All unit and department logos must be created by UNC Creative. To inquire about a logo for your unit or to obtain high resolution artwork for an existing approved unit or department logo, please contact UNC Creative UNC Creative (919-962-7123). We will be happy to answer any other questions you may have as well.

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