The official University typefaces are Bembo Std. and Whitney, and these are suggested for use on University print publications. Typefaces are licensed and are widely available for purchase. In the event that a unit does not have access to these fonts, other suggested fonts are Libre Baskerville and Open Sans.

The University’s standard serif and sans-serif fonts are:

1. Bembo Std.
2. Whitney

Bembo Std. and Whitney type specimens

Although Bembo is available to use as a webfont, we recommend replacing it with Libre Baskerville to enhance clarity and readability on the web. Whitney is also available to use as a webfont, and is recommended for use on the web. If you do not have access to this font, we suggest using Open Sans in its place. Use the following font families to style text in all web communications:

1. Font-family: Libre Baskerville, serif
2. Font-family: Whitney, Open Sans, sans-serif

Bembo Std. and Whitney web font alternatives

Licensing Fonts:

1. Bembo (Monotype)
2. Whitney (Hoefler & Co.)
3. Libre Baskerville (Google Fonts)
4. Open Sans (Google Fonts)

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