All stationery items must adhere to the identity guidelines and should be ordered through UNC Print Stop and Copy Center. Please do not attempt to format your own letterhead.

Orders for printed letterhead, business cards, and envelopes may be placed online at UNC Print Stop and Copy Center.

The University templates may not be altered in any way, including rearranging information, changing abbreviations for office/cell phone/fax numbers, changing colors and adding additional design elements. In order to maintain consistency, logo usage is limited to the main University logo and unit logos. Groups with department logos may use the main University logo or their overarching group’s unit logo. 

Letterhead, envelope and business card design

Creation of an electronic version of your letterhead (a Microsoft Word template) can be provided by UNC Creative. Please fill out the form to place an order.

For additional stationery materials, such as mailing labels, booklet envelopes, podium signs or memo pads, please contact UNC Print Stop and Copy Center (919-962-7016) or UNC Creative (919-962-7123).

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