This version of the logo has been developed for use by approved schools, centers and institutes that wish to designate their names in the signature. Although the official University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill signature is preferred, approved logo with designation may be used.

When using a logo with designation, or “unit logo,” the university’s full name, “the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,” must appear elsewhere on the publication.

All unit logos must created by UNC Creative. To inquire about a logo for your unit, please contact UNC Creative (919.962.7123).

Unit logos are only allowed for colleges, schools, and approved centers and institutes. If you require a logo for another entity, such as a department or research project, please use the University logo, or your affiliated unit logo, typeset with the smallest unit, while maintaining the appropriate clear space around the unit logo. (see example below).

For any questions, please contact UNC Creative (919.962.7123). To obtain high resolution artwork for an existing approved unit logo, please contact UNC Creative or the Communications office of the unit.

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