Establishing one’s own look and feel within the graphic identity is easy to accomplish.

UNC Creative leverages a range of identifiers when working with individual units including typography, colors, photography style and aesthetic tone. Using these components allows our clients’ messages to stand out from the university, while also leaning on the parent UNC brand when standing out against similar units across the country.

Below is an example of UNC Creative’s rebranding of the Office of Faculty Governance, including a new type treatment, color palette, and the design of marketing materials.ofg-mockup

As stated above, one of the ways to establish a unique brand within the University is to implement a “type treatment.” Type treatments are stylized versions of department names that are set within close proximity the University logo or corresponding unit logos. Since departments are not allowed to have their own icon-based logo according to the University’s branding and visual identity guidelines, type treatments provide a nice alternative. Examples of type treatments are below:

For more information on how to develop branding for your department, please contact  UNC Creative (919-962-7123).

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